Teeth lose their natural whiteness as we get older. Through picking up stains from food and drinks that we consume, as well as the white enamel wearing away, our teeth become darker in colour.

Teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective method of removing stains from teeth. Using a chemical reaction to break down stain molecules trapped in the dentine and the enamel, whitening lightens the shade of your teeth without changing anything about your natural teeth, other than the colour.

Here at Distinctive Dentistry, we use home whitening kits which are a popular way to achieve the dream shade. Home whitening has low sensitivity and is a comfortable treatment using custom-made mouth trays. These trays are filled with the whitening gel so, when worn, there is an even spread over all the surfaces of your teeth.

What’s involved with whitening treatment?

We always like to start with a hygiene appointment so any surface stains are properly removed. Once your teeth are properly cleaned, we take digital scans of your mouth so we can have the mouth trays made off-site.

Once we receive the custom-made mouth trays along with your whitening kit, we invite you back so we can talk through the treatment. To achieve the lightest shade, it usually takes 14 days to reach that perfect colour.

You get to keep your mouth tray as you may need to top-up your whiter smile in the future. Even after the treatment, you can start to pick up stains again. All you need is top-up gels and you can get your smile back to it’s dazzling shade.

Can I have whitening?

If you have sensitive teeth, it may be worth us checking if you will be able to have the treatment comfortably. We use a whitening gel that is low in concentration and there is little to no issue with sensitivity. If you notice a little discomfort during treatment, you can stop at any time.

What if I have crowns, a bridge or veneers?

Dental restorations are colour-matched to your smile so as yours whitens, they will remain at their colour. Often made from porcelain or ceramic, crowns and bridges don’t whiten like natural teeth. Once the treatment has ended, we can replace these restorations with new ones that are colour-matched to your new shade.

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