We require payment for treatment when it is provided. We accept cash, cheque and credit/debit cards. Although you are welcome to attend on an ad hoc basis, most of our patients prefer to become members of the practice. Members pay a monthly fee. They benefit from examinations and hygiene care free of charge. Any other care they need benefits from a 20% discount from our usual fees. For those who prefer a more comprehensive plan we offer Denplan Care. Please ask for further information on either plan.

Of course. We completely understand that a dental practice can be a daunting place to some. Whether the nervousness comes from a past experience or a needle phobia, we do all we can to help you overcome any nerves. We’re happy to take time talking about the treatment and helping you to feel a lot more at ease. 

Yes, we do. You can find more information about implants here

Yes. We have a cerec milling unit in our practice so we can create your porcelain restoration on the same day. We can prepare the tooth to accept either a full coverage porcelain crown or a more conservative porcelain inlay. There is no need for a temporary and we only need to administer local anaesthetic once. You can wait in the practice for us to make your restoration and once we’re done, we’ll fit it immediately.

When we carry out root canal treatment, part of the procedure involves sealing and filling in the roots. Canals are extremely narrow so using special tools, they are reshaped so a filling can properly fit inside, sealing the area from future infections.

We carry out the vast majority of root canal treatments at the practice, but we can refer for any complex endodontic treatment.

There are many cosmetic treatments available. Whether it’s just a single tooth letting your smile down or maybe you’re after an overall makeover, we can help you to achieve a smile you’re happy with. We offer veneers, bonding and crowns. We also provide whitening to lift stains and brighten your smile. 

For any crooked teeth, we can offer Invisalign. If you’ve always wanted to straighten your smile but have been put off by how braces look, Invisalign is a great treatment for straightening teeth with a near invisible clear aligner. We can gradually move teeth into their new position.

Yes! We are an Invisalign provider. The near invisible clear aligners give a comfortable and cosmetic option to straightening crooked teeth and dealing with gaps. 

Our Invisalign consultations provide you with the chance to talk about your treatment. Using our iTero scanner, we can easily generate a 3D image that will tell us if invisalign is a suitable option for you. We can then give you an idea of the treatment plan, how long it will take and the costs.

We offer both in-surgery and home whitening options at Distinctive Dentistry. For in-surgery whitening, we offer a new system called BlancOne, and Philips Zoom for home whitening treatments.

Please visit our teeth whitening treatment page to find out more.

If you have noticed blood when you spit when brushing, it may be a sign that you have developed gum disease. The best thing to do is book an appointment with your hygienist as they will be able to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth which is causing the gum disease to develop. 

With gum disease, the symptoms are mild even when it is at its most aggressive stage. Bleeding gums are the telltale sign of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. This can be treated through trips to the hygienist and interdental cleaning at home. 

If your gums bleed when you floss or use interdental brushes, don’t be put off. This bleeding will stop the more you floss. When there is no plaque and so no bacteria, your gums will calm down and not bleed.

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