Cracked Teeth

While our teeth are made from the strongest material in the body, they are still susceptible to damage. Whether through an accident or biting on something too hard, teeth can crack. It’s important for a dentist to fix cracks as these leave spaces for bacteria to enter the vulnerable internal tissues inside the tooth, leading to an infection and dental pain.

Repairing cracks

Depending on the damage, we can use different treatments to repair a cracked tooth. We can use:

  • Composite bonding
  • A veneer
  • A crown

Assessing and repairing

We will first need to take a proper look at the tooth. An x-ray will help us to determine if there is any damage deeper to the tooth. IIf we see that the pulp inside the tooth is inflamed, we may need to carry out additional treatment to prevent further issues.

Dental composite is a special resin that contains plastic and glass. It is build onto the tooth in layers, gradually shaping on the tooth. We can use composite to create a layer over the crack, protecting the tooth underneath and also concealing the damage. Composite is colour-matched to your tooth.

A veneer is a thin, porcelain shell that fits over the front of the tooth, completely transforming the appearance of the tooth. We can use veneers to cover up any more significant damage and also provide a cosmetic finish if you wish to change how the tooth looks.

Same-day ceramics
If your tooth needs to be completely restored through extensive damage, we can cover up the damage and rebuild the tooth with a ceramic crown. We have an in-house milling unit at Distinctive Dentistry which means we can create new crowns, veneers and bridges at our practice without needing to wait for a dental lab. We can restore your smile in the same day that you arrive.

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