Your teeth, especially the back teeth, are subject to a lot during their time. While made from the toughest material in the body, they are still vulnerable to decay and general damage. Fillings are used to repair teeth, restoring their functionality and appearance.

We use composite fillings at Distinctive Dentistry. These fillings are shade-matched to your teeth so they blend in perfectly with your smile. Dental composite is a type of resin that contains plastic and glass to imitate the texture of dental enamel. Composite is built up in layers, rebuilding the tooth.

Your dentist will tell you if you need to have a filling placed. If you experience any tooth pain and suspect that you have a cavity, see your dentist who will be able to arrange the treatment for you. It’s important to see a dentist the moment you notice any discomfort as leaving it untreated can lead to the tooth potentially becoming infected.

What does the treatment involve?

We first assess the tooth that we need to treat and remove any decay. The use of local anaesthetic ensures there is no discomfort during the treatment. Once the tooth is cleaned and all the soft decay is removed we bond the restoration to the tooth.

Often, we will use a white composite restoration to recreate a natural looking tooth.

Looking after your fillings

Your fillings can’t decay, but the rest of the tooth isn’t as fortunate. Keeping your oral health in top shape will make sure your filling lasts as long as it can. While the filling is durable, it is never going to be as strong as natural enamel.

The good thing is that if a filling fails often we can just replace it with another one. Sometimes part of the tooth breaks before the filling. Don’t worry we can often use a ceramic restoration if needed to create a stronger tooth.

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