Same-Day Dentistry

We can complete your smile in one day. As we have a milling unit at our practice, we can create custom-made crowns on site. That means that there’s no need to wait between appointments for your restorations to be made at an off-site dental laboratory.

Our CEREC milling unit uses digital technology to mill the crown from a single block of ceramic. It uses digital scans to make 3D models which are then used to craft the shape of the new teeth.

We match the shade of your existing teeth, making it look in appearance just like the tooth that it is replacing. It’s finely polished to mimic the glossy appearance of dental enamel.

How long does having a same-day crown take?

We take a 3d scan of the treated teeth. These are used to give the milling machine the precise dimensions of your mouth that the restorations need to fit to.
While the machine gets to work, we invite you to wait in the waiting room. After around 15 minutes, the unit will have made your crown. We’ll ask you to come back into the surgery where we test the fit. We will then fix it in place with dental adhesive.

Repairing and replacing restorations

While the ceramic used in restorations is very durable, just like a natural tooth it can still break.

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