Restorative Dentistry

Getting your smile back on track with natural-looking restorations

Our teeth are made from the hardest stuff in the human body, but they are still vulnerable to decay and damage from accidents. Restorative dentistry offers treatments that can repair, restore and replace teeth that have become damaged. From filling teeth that have cavities to replacing teeth with dentures, restorative treatments can make a smile whole again.

Same-day restorations at Distinctive Dentistry

We have an in-house CEREC unit which means we can make ceramic restorations at the practice. This saves us having to wait for an external dental lab to create custom crowns and bridges. We can restore your teeth completely on the same day so there is no need to wait between appointments with a temporary crown or bridge.

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Light damage and cavities

Fillings are more versatile and natural-looking than ever before. Composite fillings are made from a tooth-coloured resin that can be built onto the tooth and shaped to appear exactly like a natural tooth. We can also use the same material to repair chips, cover discolouration and rebuild bite surfaces.

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Broken teeth and extensive repair

Crowns are used to completely restore teeth that need more repair than can be achieved with a filling. If a tooth has been heavily damaged, a crown can restore the shape, appearance and functionality. Crowns are often made from porcelain and fit over the tooth, which needs to have a layer of enamel removed to allow space.

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Replacing problem teeth

Sometimes the best thing for your oral health is to remove a tooth, but having a gap in your smile, as a result, is less than ideal. We have different treatments available to replace missing teeth, from bridges for single teeth to dentures for multiple. Our restorations are natural-looking and will complete your smile.

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Restoring a full smile

Tooth loss is a more common problem as we age and we may need to replace more than one tooth. Dentures are removable false teeth that can either be worn to replace a full arch of teeth or as a replacement for a few teeth in your smile. We can also create replacement teeth to fit on dental implants.

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