Crowns And Bridges

Having damaged or decayed teeth in your smile can cause a host of issues. Crowns and bridges are effective treatments for repairing and replacing teeth that are no longer up to scratch. For any teeth that have suffered extensive damage, beyond that which a filling can repair, crowns fully restore the shape and functionality of the tooth. Bridges use crowns to support a false tooth which replaces a missing tooth in a smile.

What are crowns?

A crown is typically made from ceramic or porcelain, looking just like natural teeth. Crowns are colour-matched to blend in with your natural teeth so they look as close to the real thing as possible.

The tooth that is having the crown fitted will need a layer of enamel removed so that the crown can fit in place. This preparation leaves a post which acts as the foundation for the crown. The crown is fitted to the post using a dental cement. Implants can be used to act like these posts, effectively replacing a missing tooth.

Crowns can be used to restore teeth that have been:

  • Damaged through dental decay
  • Broken as a result of an injury
  • Restored following a deep filling
  • Subject to extensive root canal treatment – rebuilding the tooth

What are bridges?

Bridges can provide a long-lasting solution that can restore functionality and fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Bridges are supported by the teeth that are on either side of a gap (the abutment teeth). These teeth have crowns fitted over them and the false tooth/teeth that make up the bridge are connected to the crowns.

Bridges are often made from a combination of materials with ceramic or porcelain bonded to metal for additional support. They are colour-matched and custom-made to blend in with your smile.

Unlike implants that require surgical treatment, and so need the time for the implant to fuse and heal, bridges can be prepared and fitted much faster so there is less time waiting with a gap in your smile. Bridges are also a more affordable method of replacing missing teeth and last a very long time if well looked after.

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