Facial Aesthetics

At Distinctive Dentistry, we can help reverse the signs of ageing with facial aesthetics. As skin ages, it starts to lose elasticity and volume as key components begin to dwindle. Facial aesthetics can restore lost collagen and elastin, giving skin a new lease of life.

Consultations are an essential part of facial aesthetic treatment as everyone’s skin is different. We want to make sure our treatments deliver the best results for you. As dental clinicians have an in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy, we are best suited to carry out precise treatments. Our qualified facial aesthetics practitioner can provide dermal fillers and prescribe anti-wrinkle injections.

Rejuvenating ageing skin with dermal fillers

Fillers help to restore lost volume back to ageing skin. The fillers we use contain hyaluronic acid, a substance already present in skin, which boosts cellular regeneration and so replenishes lost collagen and elastin. It also helps to rehydrate the skin, giving back its healthy glow. Fillers can be used to rejuvenate skin and also help reshape areas such as lips, cheeks and the jaw line.

What does the treatment involve?

Having fillers is incredibly non-invasive. The needle is so fine that there’s no need for any recovery time and the results appear soon after the treatment. The effect can last up to several months but do fade over time. Having top-up treatments will make the effects last longer each time.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

We are able to prescribe anti-wrinkle injections. Known by its brand name, Botox, this treatment works through relaxing the muscles under the skin. During a consultation, we can talk through the different ways that we can help combat lines and wrinkles. Dynamic lines that appear through muscle movement can be reduced through using anti-wrinkle injections. Static lines – the ones that are always present – can be smoothed over with dermal fillers.

Having anti-wrinkle injections takes only a short appointment and there is no need to take time out to recover. The effects start to appear after a few days and can last several months.

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